Advocate Abhinav Rajoria

Advocate Strategic Partner & Solicitor

Abhinav Rajoria, an accomplished Advocate, assumes the pivotal role of Strategic Partner and Solicitor, contributing to the diverse legal landscape. Graduating with distinction, Advocate Abhinav has become a prominent figure in the legal domain, specializing in Civil and Criminal cases, Arbitration matters, Execution proceedings, Title search reports, Insurance, MACT cases, Consumer Cases, Revenue Cases, Rent Matters, and Matrimonial Cases. His expertise extends to handling complex issues such as Cheating, Forgery, and cases under Section 138 of the Negotiable Instruments Act.

Advocate Abhinav’s multifaceted skill set includes conducting arbitration proceedings with finesse and a comprehensive understanding of Labour law cases, Civil/Money recovery suits, Summary suits, executions, bank cases, and consumer cases. His proficiency in navigating legal intricacies demonstrates a robust grasp of the intricacies within the legal spectrum