Adv. Aparna Maurya

Advocate & Strategic Partner

Aparna Maurya, a 2023 graduate of Mumbai University, emerges as a dynamic legal professional with a comprehensive educational background and hands-on experience in the field of law. Armed with a Bachelor of Legal Science (BLS LBB) degree, Aparna recently augmented her expertise by obtaining a Diploma in Cyber Laws from the prestigious Asian School of Cyber Laws in January 2023. This attests to her commitment to staying ahead in the ever-evolving landscape of legal technology. Aparna’s dedication to her craft is further exemplified by her recent internship at the Bombay High Court, where she actively engaged in criminal law proceedings, adeptly drafted legal documents, and proficiently managed due diligence checklists. Her proactive approach to continuous learning and practical experience positions Aparna Maurya as a well-rounded and forward-thinking legal professional ready to navigate the complexities of the legal field.