Advocate Basant Kumar Singh

Senior Advocate Strategic Partner and Solicitor

Basant Kumar Singh, a distinguished Senior Advocate and Strategic Partner at Apex Law Associates, possesses a rich legal background. Graduating with a bachelor’s degree in law from the esteemed Campus Law Centre, Delhi University, in 2002, he swiftly enrolled in the Bar the same year. Concurrently, he pursued and completed his Master of Law (LL.M) from the University of Delhi. Mr. Singh’s early professional journey included invaluable experiences with internationally renowned law firms, notably C & C Associates.

The inception of Apex Law Associates marked a significant chapter in Mr. Basant Kumar Singh’s career, where he assumed a leadership role, guiding a team of young, versatile, and highly capable legal professionals. His exceptional skills in consistently managing, coordinating, and fostering the collective growth of the firm have propelled Apex Law Associates to new heights within a relatively short span.

Mr. Singh’s intrinsic characteristics include a commitment to constant introspection, review, and assessments, underscoring his dedication to the firm’s ongoing development. Beyond his legal acumen, he possesses an acute sense of analysis, prompt decision-making abilities, and a visionary outlook. These qualities collectively contribute to his success as a legal professional and a leader in the field.