Advocate Sufiya Siddiqui

Senior Advocate – Admin & Strategic Partner

Advocate Sufiya Siddiqui, currently pursuing an LL.M. with a specialization in criminology at HVPS Law College, Mumbai University, is a legal professional with a well-rounded background. She completed her BLS.LLB at Mumbai University and holds a Diploma in Cyber Law from The Government Law College, Asian School of Cyber Law. Advocate Siddiqui has participated in notable events such as the International Model United Nations in 2020 and the Indian Mediation Week ADR Summit organised by the ministry of Law and Justice. She gained practical experience through legal internships in sessions court, district courts and Bombay high court and her role as a Junior Advocate, handling cases related to 307, 302, and 498. Advocate Sufiya Siddiqui’s involvement in various legal domains, including maritime law, and her commitment to legal awareness through speaking engagements on Children’s Rights and Women’s Rights, showcase her dedication to the legal field. With a commendable academic and professional track record, Advocate Siddiqui brings a balanced and practical approach to her legal endeavours.